Franchisee Qualifications

So, what does it take to be the owner of a PinkaBella Cupcakes? We've shortened what could easily be a very long list of requirements to the four below. Capital Requirements are straight forward and required. Before moving to Next Steps, we'd ask you to seriously consider the remaining three qualifications listed here. PinkaBella Franchising is here to assist you in your success in every way possible, but the success of your PinkaBella Cupcakes franchise depends on you. 


  • Capital Requirements – The franchise fee is $25,000. An additional franchise MAY be awarded for $15,000 upon performance review. Your estimated initial investment would include build out of store and bakery and pricing depends on many factors including square footage of space and equipment purchase, ranging from $97,260-$189,100.

  • Business Experience - You will need prior experience in management or running a business, preferably retail. 

  • Sustainable Enthusiasm - We want you to be excited and enthusiastic about owning a PinkaBella, about being a part of our family, team and brand, and sharing our vision, mission, and core values.

  • Active Involvement - You are expected to be actively involved in your business on a daily basis, whether you are the manager or you hire a manager, because we find greater success with owners who are actively involved in the operation of their shop. This business requires real commitment, attention to detail, and hard work.


If you believe you meet the qualifications listed above, we encourage you to move towards next steps (see below).  

We are excited to speak with you and explore what we may be able to do together.


Next Steps


Please review the next steps here and submit your information using the form at the bottom.

  1. Please request our Franchise Inquiry Form by sending an email to

  2. You will be contacted by email to determine potential franchise opportunities. 

  3. Based upon the opportunity, you will be asked to complete and return our Franchise Questionnaire.

  4. You will be contacted to set up a preliminary phone conference.

  5. You will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document. 

  6. We will schedule a follow up call to answer any questions.

  7. We will invite you in for a Flagship Store Visit to meet our team in Redmond, Washington (Seattle).